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A fine state of affairs, part 5 by Marieke Vink

" I said to him: go and get your running shoes and we'll go running in the park. Well, needless to say he didn't want to start a running-contest with me. So he stormed off. That should teach him not to challenge me on not being fast enough."

Kerry laughed so hard, the wine almost came out through her nose. Kim knew that Romano would never go for a running-match with Kim. He was about half her size so he would look like an idiot: stocky short guy next to beautiful gracious woman. By God that man's ego made up in seize what he lacked in length.

They were going to close the restaurant down, as usual. Kim had not addressed the subject of Abby yet. Oh sure, Kerry had told Kim exactly what Abby had done that day and how good she was at her job and blah blah blah but Kim had seen no opening in the conversation to bring the subject on to the confession Abby made in the morning.


Abby had left the hospital that day feeling pretty content. She had worked hard and it had been a satisfying day. She had worked with Kerry and it had al gone great. She had managed to keep her head together and had not been yelled at by Kerry once. In fact, was it her imagination or had she noticed Kerry staring at her when she was on the phone to OB about that preemie? After work she had felt the need to clear her head. She had gone for a long walk around the city instead of going home right away. Now at 11:30pm, she walked up the steps of her house. Through the window she could hear loud music: Maggie was home. Abby remembered she was supposed to ask Kim for Depakote but it had totally slipped her mind. She had not realized Maggie had meant she needed the medication RIGHT NOW. Abby was about to see the result of that mix-up.

"Abby!!!! Abby!! You are home? Where have you been you little bitch? I have been all over town looking for you. And then you weren't home and I got so angry. How dare you do this to me? You always just leave me alone. I hate you. I hate you. You are trying to get rid of me aren't you!!!!!"

"Calm down Maggie. Calm down. You fucking trashed my apartment. What the HELL do you think you are doing? I did not leave you. Is it completely impossible for you to call my mobile if you want to know where I am?"

Maggie's eyes were full of hate and anger..........and confusion. Abby knew the look. She would not be able to calm Maggie down without help. Maggie was still running around screaming She walked in to her bedroom and closed the door. Abby stood with her back against the door and slowly slid down on to the floor.

"Please let it stop. Please let it stop. Please let it stop."

Like a mantra in her head. Until she broke down in tears. She scrambled to get her mobile out of her pocket. Who would she call? 911? Maggie would hate her for that. She needed a familiar face right now. Oh please, let it stop. She dialed the number.


The sound of Kim's mobile caught the two women in the middle of the conversation. Kim looked at the number on the display. Why would Abby call her this late?

"Hi Abby. What.............calm down sweetie............what 's up? She did what?"

Kerry looked puzzled. She understood Abby was upset about something Maggie had done. From the worried tone in Kim's voice, Abby was in a bad state.

"Sweetie, I will be over right away. it's no trouble. Bye"

"Kerry, I have to go to Abby's place. Maggie is off her meds again and if I heard Abby right, she has trashed the house. I know I offered you a ride home but either take a cab or you can come with me."

Kerry did not have to think long about coming along with Kim. If this was going to be anything like what she thought it was, Maggie would go to the hospital. knowing Abby, she would not want to go along so Kerry wanted to make sure she was there to stay with her. They paid their bill and sped off .

When they arrived at Abby's apartment they cold hear the loud music blaring out of the speakers. Kim dialed Abby's mobile because there was no way she would hear the doorbell. When Abby opened the door Kerry gasped for breath. She looked terrible. Kim stepped inside the house and pulled Abby in to a hug.

"Kim! How nice of you to visit. Come in come in." Maggie appeared from the hallway and tugged at Kim's arm.

"Hi Maggie. How are you doing? Abby said you were upset so I thought I would step by and see how you are. I hope you don't mind I brought Dr. Weaver with me."

"Nonono, of course not. Abby and I had a little disagreement earlier on but it is all OK again now. I am fine. I am fine again. Really. I am fine."

Kerry recognized Maggie's fast talking as a manic-phase. It wouldn't take much for her to explode again. And explode again she did. As soon as Kim started to talk.

"Maggie, I understand you did not take your medication today. I think we need to take you to the hospital and get you some. Is that OK?"

"No it is NOT OK. I am fine. I wish you would all stop being so patronizing. I am fine. I do not need help. Not from you, not from Dr Weaver and certainly not from Abby."

Maggie almost spat the words at Abby. The nurse just stood there and Kerry felt a pang of sadness that shocked her to the core. What was that feeling? She just wanted to go up to Abby and hold her and tell her it would all go away. She looked so sad an lost. In need of a friend.

Kim called for an ambulance to take Maggie to the hospital. She took care to make sure Maggie didn't hear her make the call. When the paramedics pulled up, Maggie threw another fit and she had to be strapped to the gurney. Kim went along in the ambulance. Abby was not making a move so Kim assumed she was not going to come along.

Abby just stood against the wall in the hallway during the whole scene. Her arms crossed in front of her chest, her eyes filled with tears. As the ambulance drove off, Kerry closed the front door and walked in to the house. Without saying anything, she walked up to Abby and put her arms around her. She could feel Abby starting to sob on her shoulders. Shocks of Abby's grief, tears on her shoulder. Abby felt like a rag doll in Kerry's arms.

"Abby....sweetie..........Abby look at me. It will be OK. Kim will take care of Maggie. She will be fine."

"I don't care. I wish she would just disappear and leave me alone. I am so sick of it. I am just so tired Kerry. I don't know what to do anymore."

"Well, sit down and I'll make us some tea and then you can tell me what is bothering you apart from your mother."

Abby sat down on the sofa and watched Kerry make the tea in the kitchen. She looked so at ease. Caring was what she was born to do. That hug earlier on...the tears had not only been about Maggie. Abby had no more tears left for her mother. They had been about homecoming. In Kerry's arms. Kerry had no idea what that hug had done to Abby.

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