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A fine state of affairs, part 7b by Marieke Vink

Lyricc: “A fine state of affairs” by And All Because The Lady Loves.

"This is a fine state of affairs What am I supposed to do I know I don't really want you But cos you want me, it makes me want you"

Today was such a weird day. First Abby and I did a great job on that baby. Then Kim picked her up for lunch and I didn't really like how I felt about that. Dinner with Kim was great. God knows why we never worked as a couple but she must be the best friend that has ever happened to me. And Abby............was I blind? I didn't see it when Kim fell for me. I didn't see it now that Abby has fallen for me.

"Now I'm my own now And I'm only too willing to indulge my thoughts So my mind wonders and I like it When my mind gets caught"

Abby in love with me? I ran when Kim told me she was in love with me. Should I run again now? This is such a weird feeling. She is too young, she is not my type, she is too short, she too blunt, she is chronically unhappy......and she is so mysterious..interesting..........and bloody adorable. God knows I have been eyeing her up lately. But is that being in love? Kerry, you don't want to jump to conclusions here. But she IS sweet. So what will you do about it Weaver?

"Caught in a daydream Caught in a glance your way Caught in imagination Caught up in the things you say Well this is a fine state of affairs What am I supposed to do I know I don't really want you But cos you want me it makes me want you"

Talk to Kim. Find out if Abby knows what she is talking about, see if she is sure. God she IS sweet. I have never really thought about Abby as someone I could fall for. I know I like her and that I have a soft spot for her but that is only because she came in as this insecure med student and then that unfortunate business with her med school-fees. I just feel sorry for her sometimes that she is a nurse and not a doctor. But I could fall in love with someone like Abby. Could I? Do you want to decide that right now Weaver? It is 3:30am and you have to get up in 4 hours. just do what you always do: think it over.........and over..........and over........and over.

"If I play for more time I'll have to be honest and straight So are you willing, are you willing to wait Wait for that daydream Wait for it to come true Wait for that day When I'll be with you"

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