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A fine state of affairs, part 7c by Marieke Vink

Lyrics: “Maybe” by kd lang

"maybe i am crazy maybe i'm confused maybe i've misconstrued maybe be i... maybe i am crazy maybe i'm confused maybe i've misconstrued maybe be i... love you"

--So now you have told her. You don't think that was a bit quick? You only told Kim yesterday morning and now you already told Kerry. You thought about it? You didn't really did you? You were swept away by the thrill of the moment. The thrill of her arms around you.--

But it felt so good. Kerry's body against mine, her arms around me. She didn't laugh. In fact, she seemed not to have any kind of averse reaction. She just held me.

--But she didn't say she reciprocates either. She must have felt like this when Kim came on to her. Not knowing what the feeling means.--

I mean, Jesus, is this what love feels like? I think I knew but now I don't know anything for sure anymore.

--You do Lockheart. You want to fool yourself with this innocence-act? You know full well what you feel. Are you ready to face it? Are you ready to follow it through?--

Maybe I should wait for Kerry to make the next move. I do not feel like making me look like a fool a second time.

"maybe i am dreaming maybe i am doomed maybe i'm destitute maybe i... love you"

--You want her. You want her bad. You took the first step. You know full well that Kerry is too shy to make a move. She is like the detective who can only see the evidence once you dangle it in from of his nose. If you wait until she makes a move, you know you can wait forever.--

"oh... maybe i'll ask or no... maybe i won't oh... it could be disaster no... maybe it won't"

I wanted her to stay tonight. I wanted her to be around. She even offered to stay. Why would she do that if she doesn't feel something for me? God I just want to get some sleep. I will have to face her again tomorrow and I do not want to look like a complete wreck.

"Maybe if I do it may be that maybe you love me too"

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