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The Two Dingoes Tour 2000

Friday 4 August 2000

Another morning walk. But if the sunset was impressive, the sunrise is hardly interesting. On the road to Oodnadatta. We pass several telegraphpoles. Charles Todd connected Australia with the rest of the world when he managed to put a telegraphline from Adelaide to Darwin. Some of the old poles are still there. Ngaire hopes to find an insulater but these have already been nicked by tourists before her. We do find a lone pole with a little fence around it and a plaque. The people from the Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta have travelled around the area to put up lots of signs at interesting places. Proves to be both entertaining and helpful.
Oodnadatta is not much else than the famous Pink Roadhouse. We buy some drinks and visit the old Railway Museum. Real outback charm: we have to pick up and return the key ourselves.

We stock up on some alcohol (as you do!!) and set sail for Dalhouse Springs. We are all looking forward to jumping in the 36C water. but first we have to go through the Simpson Desert for a bit. It is bloody hot in the 4WD with all 11 of us and all our bloody bags at our feet. But hey, have another beer and we all smile. We have luch at Fogherty's Claypan. Nicki and I decide to go for a swim but when we get in the water it is both freezing and muddy. Bugger.

we drive a fair while until we reach Dalhousie Ruins. It looks like an oasis with its palmtrees. Ted finally spots a dingo, the first of the tour. Appropriately, during the whole tour, we only spot 2 dingoes. And they both f@##@ed off that way. All very pretty but we all just want to go for a swim. But when we get to the campsite, we are slightly outnumbered by a bunch of oldtimers travelling with old tractors from Perth to Noosa. There is only a tiny spot left, but no spot so small or we wiggle our way into it. We all go for a swim whilst Lachy makes dinner. Skippy spag-bol. Yum Yum but some of us have to swallow a bit before taking a bite.
The springs are excellent. After all the oldies have left, we have the whole thing to ourselves. It is like jumping in a warm bath, something that feels funny in a natural pool. After an hour or so most of us go back for dinner. Some stay a bit longer and get applause when they return to the fire;o) Half the group goes for another swim later that evening. The other half has a disgustingly early night (10pm!!)

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