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The Two Dingoes Tour 2000

Monday 31 July 2000

The first day was a rather uneventful day as far as 'doing things' was concerned. Pick up time was around 7.30am at the hostels in Adelaide. Lee and Rob were the first, then me, Ted & Emer, Kerstin, and Nicki, Ngaire, Nathan and Clare
From the first moment on, we all seemed to get along fine. I was glad I wasn't the only one with a brand new tourist hat;o). As we set out for Port Augusta we talked about all sorts of different things. The Eurovision Songcontest being one of them. The 4WD seems a wee bit small though.

In Port Augusta we were given the impression this was going to be our last bit of civilisation for at least 5 days so we all set out to get things we needed (alcohol and a Woman's Weekly). After lunch we visited a Tall Ship. The tours they did sounded excellent. It seems we are all itching to et on the way to what we came for: the outback.

But first we have to go to the Heading Bush Headoffice in Quorn. The 4WD needs some repairs done and we go for a bushwalk in a little van with forward facing seats. We wonder if we can not have this car instead of the 4WD. looking back, I think we are all glad we didn't. We walk up Devil's Peak. Lee and marieke get up first and when they get there, they seem so small to the rest of the group that they are the first ones to get nicknames: Dot and Speck. Someone has put a guestbook in a little crevasse and we sign: Great view, thanks for the pen.
We stay on top of Devil's Peak until the sun has gone down. Ngaire navigates us down the hill again but gets lost on her first day in the bush. Typical.
On the way back to Quorn we learn that Rob is an amateur star-gazer. Something that will prove useful during the trip.
We get the 4WD back and after buying beer & cider, we head up to Warren Gorge for the night. Dinner is made by Ngaire, Clare & Marieke and we are all a wee bit quiet on the first night. As far as I recall, we have a relatively early night. Our first of many a cold one.

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