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The Two Dingoes Tour 2000

Saturday 5 August 2000

We have a beautiful morning swim at 6.15. The hot water and cold weather results in a beautiful mist above the water. Some of us go for a skinny dip but not very enthousiasticly. When someone spots an Anaconda, we put our clothes back on and get out. Today we do a good few kilometers in Uluru direction. We fill up with water at Mt Dare Homestead. Clare, Ngaire, Nathan, Nicki and I play pool. I loose as usual. We cross the NT/SA border and Nathan and Lee drop their pants for some nice "Send-home-to mum-pictures". Kerstin offers to "go down as soon as Lachy is ready" but nothing happens.

Finke Aboriginal Community is the next thing on the brochure. We could just as easily have skipped it. A bunch of houses in the desert with people sitting outside having a chat. Hardly worthwhile and it makes me feel like I am intruding in these people's lives. After Finke, we visit Lambert's Centre. Supposedly the geographical centre of Australia. Or is it the gravity-centre? Even on the plaque, they are not too sure so they just use both terms. Kulgera, where we arrive in the afternoon ism, once again, nothing more than a petrol station and a roadhouse. But it is nice to have an afternoon with nothing to do but sit around and chat (and drink)

We drive a little outside Kulgera to set up camp. We go for a little walk to see the sunset. The evenings are starting to be rather similar: eat, drink, drink more (Nathan and Ngaire) and go to bed. Sounds good enough to me.

A sunset; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Pictures of Saturday